Need to Track Your Mileage and Expenses? Here Are 6 Free Apps for That

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If you’re a Lyft or Uber motorist, you probably once know how important it is to track your work-related mileage and expenditures.

You need that information to appease the IRS gods come tax return time and to make sure you’re squeezing out every last penny in deductions.

Rideshare drivers aren’t the only parties eligible for mileage tax deductions. If you drive your personal vehicle for other kinds of paid cultivate or use it for charitable, moving or medical purposes, you may also qualify for a standard mileage rate deduction.

6 Free Mileage Tracker Apps We Love

Back in the old days, tracking mileage signify dragging a notebook out of the mitt chest and hoping your pen wasn’t out of ink.

But now we live in an age of wonder where there’s an app for everything — including information that automatically move mileage for you.

Here are our favorite mileage tracker apps.

1. Everlance

This versatile app not only moves your mileage but likewise is contributing to keep track of all your other business expense.

Everlance starts and stops automatically. It spies when your car starts moving, and it records the miles you drive. With a immediate swipe of your paw, you can categorize each junket as work-related or personal. You can also rectified your work hours, automatically categorizing drives during those hours as business trips.

With business expenses, you can photograph receipts and store them in the gloom, forestalling paperwork. You can also sync your bank account and credit cards to it, if you want. Everlance also has a tool that allows you to connect your recognition or debit card to the app, then it will help you find deductions and generate an IRS-compliant Excel or PDF report for tax purposes.

The app rates$ 8 per month or a $60 annual pay, which amounts to$ 5 per month. A free version tracks 30 excursions per month. Everlance is also the top-rated mileage-tracking app on iTunes and Google Play. And it comes with a free seven-day trial.

2. Stride Drive

This free app fees in the background, quietly logging every mile you drive, and then it generates an IRS-ready report that you can use to do your taxes.

Stride Drive also moves expenditures like automobile moves, parking costs, tolls and even snacks you hand out to passengers. If you’re not sure what overheads are trackable, the app will tread you through the steps to figure it out.

Stride Drive is available at iTunes and Google Play.

3. TripLog

This app’s mileage and overhead tracking facets are free, but you can pay $ 4 per month to unlock added boasts like cloud data backup and auto moving.

TripLog likewise causes you look at your driving roadway for the entire day and swipe through to review trip cards.

TripLog is available at iTunes and Google Play.

4. Hurdlr

The basic copy of Hurdlr is free and includes outlay, income excise and semi-automatic mileage tracking.

For $ 7.99 a month, you’ll get the premium features, including tracking all your mileage automatically and creating real-time quarterly and year-end tax approximates so you can always ensure where you stand with the IRS.

Hurdlr connects to over 9,500 financial institutions, allowing users to join their Hurdlr account to their bank or credit union. Every time you get paid, Hurdlr sends you a real-time notification.

Hurdlr is available on iTunes and Google Play.

5. MileIQ

If you don’t drive often for Uber or Lyft, MileIQ may be the app for you. The free version offers 40 free drives per month, though you can upgrade to unlimited drives for $5.99 per month.

Like other mileage tracking apps, MileIQ automatically captivates your drives and delivers a comprehensive mileage log whenever you need it. You can categorize your drives into categories like business, personal or benevolence and then simply swipe with your digit to assign them to the correct list — or give MileIQ do it automatically.

MileIQ is available on iTunes and Google Play.

6. Mileage Expense Log

This free app stands out for its included pace notebook that allows users to quickly check mileage proportions. As long as you keep your phone’s GPS turned on, Mileage Expense Log automatically moves and logs all your drives.

If you’re a number cruncher, you’ll enjoy sorting data by year, intent or even vehicle. Or you can export your part database as HTML or CVS.

Mileage Expense Log is only available for iOS on iTunes and includes support for Apple Watch.

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