Marcelo Barredo is the Winner of the 2019 Balcones Bartender Challenge

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Last month, we announced the six luck finalists in the 2019 Balcones Bartender Challenge.

California, Florida and Texas bartenders combated it out to create the most original whiskey concoction, using either Balcones Baby Blue, Texas Rye 100 or Pot Still Bourbon. The concoctions were guessed according to the name of the cocktail( 10 items ), image/ exhibition( 15 tops ), written inspiration( 25 stations ), clevernes( 20 spots ), and balance of spices, taste and attribute( 30 objects ).

Marcelo Barredo Making His Winning Cocktail

Marcelo Barredo Making His Winning Cocktail

On Monday, September 23, the six finalists contested at the Balcones Distillery in Waco, Texas for a gloriou medal of $5,000. We’re stimulated to announce that Marcelo Barredo was crowned the winner with his concoction, Upstairs neighbor. The other five finalists each take residence $500 as a consolation prize.

Marcelo Barredo, standing and smiling with winning cocktail

Marcelo Barredo

Congratulations to Marcelo and all of the amazing bartenders who rivalled in the final! You can check out the win cocktail recipe and inspiration behind it below.

Upstairs Neighbor

Ingredients 😛 TAGEND

1.5 oz. Balcones Pot Still Bourbon .5 oz. Honey Pecan Syrup with Fig and Spices* .5 oz. Licor 43 Infused with Brie Cheese ** .75 oz. Aperol 5 quits Champagne Acid 1 Homemade Bagel Chip ***( to Garnish) Slice of Brie Cheese Infused with Balcones Rye for 14 hours( to Ornament) Scoop of Fig Jam( to Garnish) 1 Pecan( to Garnish) Sprig of Rosemary( to Garnish)

Preparation: Add all liquid ingredients to a mixing glass, add sparkler and stir until properly chilled. Strain cocktail over a large ice cube. Express a lemon rind over the concoction and situate the swab on the side. Garnish with a tapa made from homemade bagel, slice of brie cheese infused with Balcones Rye, scoop of fig jam, a pecan, and tiny sprig of rosemary.

*Honey Pecan Syrup With Fig and Spices

In a freezer suitcase, add 9 oz of sugar syrup( 1 role sugar, 2 characters irrigate) with 25 crushed pecans, 4 oz of Brie Cheese, 9 baked figs, 2 big-hearted tinges of pulverized cinnamon and 1 large-hearted tinge of nutmeg. Place the baggage in a Sous Vide and infuse the syrup for 5 hours at 135 grades Fahrenheit. Strain the syrup through a chocolate filter and region in a bottle.

**Brie imbued Licor 43

Add 9 oz. of Licor 43 to a Mason jar with 6 oz of Brie cheese. Close Mason jar and tell the mixture sit for 18 hours. Strain liquid through a chocolate filter.

***Homemade Bagel Chips

With a round cookie cutter, chipped roundabouts out of an everything bagel. Flatten and dehydrate the bagel.

Cocktail Inspiration 😛 TAGEND

This drink is an ode to my existing and my future; the city where I currently reside, Austin, and “the two countries ” I plan on moving to soon, Spain. Austin has such a competitive prohibit place, and we take pride in being different. Keeping this in mind, I started a drinking that was as unique as my municipal. I started with Brie cheese and sugar syrup with nuts and return to repeat the classic Brie dessert. Licor 43 is a popular Spanish liqueur, and the citrus-vanilla flavor pairs well with the bourbon and syrup. I infused this Licor 43 with Brie cheese to add complexity and mouthfeel. Because I was using a great bourbon from the city above mine and cheese from the country above Spain( France ), the drink is called Upstairs Neighbor. The next ingredient is a classic aperitif, Aperol, and this adds a delightful bitterness to balance out the sweetness. It also contributes fruity aware of the fact that pair well with the syrup and the Licor 43.

The last ingredient is Champagne acid, and this adds a little tartness and bridges the other spices together to create something certainly special. Champagne also comes from France, so it is a fitting ingredient. This cocktail was centered around Balcones Pot Still Bourbon and I made great care to not conceal its unique flavor. The persona that discriminates Balcones Bourbon still reflects through in this cocktail. The garnish is another nod at Spain who is famous for their tapas. I utilized homemade bagel chips, Brie cheese immersed in Balcones Rye Whiskey, fig jam and pecans for this tapa. This garnish isn’t just for gapes, it’s meant to be enjoyed alongside the drink like a classically genuine Spanish cocktail.

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