Abusing Hypersomnia

Hypersomnia is a rare disorder that is a sleep disorder, the terminated, polar inverse of insomnia. Insomnia is the brain’s addiction to staying up and without sleep, fixing you not feel sleepy-eyed at all, or not stay asleep. Hypersomnia is an issue where your brain has an uncurable addiction to sleep. You are sleepy-eyed 90% of the time for no real conclude( sometimes you do though, like remedy or another condition ), you can sleep for hours and hours, sometimes up to 30 hours of sleep in one run. No affair how much you sleep, you never feel like you slept, at all. Nothing is refreshing , no power naps, and you fall asleep FAST and in the majority situates and places not many other people find acceptable.

I have been diagnosed with Hypersomnia and I detest it, I have had it for years. It’s maiming, because if I am left unattended I can and will sleep over 16 hours( not in a row. I wake up after 8 hours, and 2 hours later I am passing out strolling to the shower or something ), and I sleep again for another 8 hours. No siestums can last 2 hours, I become indifferent. I simply sleep on my dismays, I sleep through people pushing me awake. I even slept through water to the face before.

Now I am at my quality in “peoples lives” where I am homeless, for the second time in the past 5 years. I am in my caretaker’s mom’s vault. I do working there, precisely not a traditional one so I don’t make 5 days a week, merely 2 or so thanks to other disorders restraint my work time. BUT my concern is, I am abusing my disability: Hypersomnia. I have become so depressed over this situation of homelessness, where I am located, how my job is starting to really suck but I can’t get a different one readily thanks to needing FMLA time, that I am sleeping “peoples lives” away to help pass time to save money and wait for the paychecks to hopefully pile up faster to get me out of here.

Sleeping to avoid eating, sleeping to avoid talking to the people who own the members of this house, sleeping to avoid hearing the pa of the house yelling at his son who lives in this house, sleeping so not to make a mark on the electric legislation, sleeping to forget about work, sleeping to avoid myself, sleeping to avoid being annoying by going to the bathroom and forming the bathroom redden because the bathroom is next to the master bedroom and I do not want to hear them complain about my world( otherwise I use a bottle, and I am a female. This poop is difficult, but I would rather not encounter anyone through the day ).

I am approximate this is bad for my state, to abuse my sleep illnes, but it works to help pass the time. I certainly do not feel like being too awake, but if anyone knows if it’s a good intuition to intake vitamins is to maintain my state while I am overeat sleeping to pass time? Being awake in a basement, or being out in the well-below-freezing weather, is something I “d rather” not do. I am okay with sleeping 20 hours per day, I am just wondering if, for the sake of health, if I can at least make sure I don’t turn to complete mush by the time I have enough money to move?

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