Ask a Bartender: The Importance of Quality Ice in Cocktails

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If you’re a bartender who’s use in a high-end cocktail den, you know how important ice is to a saloon planned.

Ice can stimulate or violate a concoction, peculiarly depending on the type of libation being provided. To learn more about how different types of ice affect the quality of concoctions, we chitchatted with Ervin Machado, the refreshment administrator of Big Time Restaurant group which supervise six forbid programs in South Florida. They recently opened Elisabetta’s Ristorante in Delray Beach, and he expended $100,000 on rig to see four kinds of ice.

Ervin Machado

Ervin Machado

” Ice is a building block, ” Machado says. “It needs to be viewed as a key ingredient in cocktails.” We chatted with Machado about the different types of ice that should be used in certain concoctions and why you should consider investing in a quality ice-making machine when launching a barroom program.

In a Classic Cocktail, Ice is One of the Most Important Parts

“When we were opening the first Louie Bossi’s( another Big Time Restaurant Group restaurant ), we knew we needed Negronis on the menu because it’s an Italian restaurant, ” Machado says. “We tried Negronis in Italy, New York and all over. We has understood that even if they are Negronis are fairly simple , no Negroni smacked the same, even though they are equal personas gin, vermouth and Campari. It affected us that the frost was the most important ingredient. Depending on what ice was used, the drink could either be really bitter or truly sprayed down. What stirred the difference in a good Negroni was how long you aroused the Negroni with the sparkler. The ice needed to resist turning into water. That was the first time we started thinking of ice as a key ingredient–it’s the only ingredient that every cocktail was necessary, so it is the most important.”



Different Types of Drinks Require Different Types of Ice

“At Elisabetta’s, we have four different kinds of ice, ” Machado says. “Depending on the sparkler you use, it converts the specific characteristics of the concoction. The second you introduce booze to ice, the booze by work declines. When we’re making drinks, depending on the structure and accumulation of the ice, the drinks will either soften more quickly and lower the alcohol or integrate better. You wouldn’t use the same ice for a shake beverage that you are able to use to cool down a drink.”

“For example, with an Old Fashioned, you miss ice that has a higher resistance from melting so it coldness the Old Fashioned but doesn’t water it down, ” Machado supplements. “The ice we use for this is 2.5 x 2.5 -inch cubes. Crushed frost by itself with a potion spewed over it time melts. But if you have a different ice as a cornerstone and positioned crushed frost on top of it, both kinds of ice will last longer and restrain a suck freezing over epoch. Pebble frost is perfect for shaken concoctions because it mingles and lowers the amount of alcohol in the cocktail.”

Hibiscus Spiced Margarita

Hibiscus Spiced Margarita

Consider Ice When Building Your Cocktail Program

“We always felt that ice was important but as we were building the new diner because we had a blank canvas to reinvent our concoction platform, ” Machado says. “We feel frost is the future for cocktails. In Europe, they often don’t have these high-quality ice machines. Often, sparkler is a luxury there because it has to be hand-carved. With the newest technology, the ice is much more consistent and gives you perfect frost every time .”

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