Classic Moscow Mule with 4 Ingredients!

A Moscow Mule also known as a “Vodka Buck” is a classic cocktail, and emphatically a little different! Impress your friends by providing this spicy, deliciously fizzy and icy cold concoction! Entirely refreshing!

When it comes to concoctions for parties or for activity day, we’ve got you enveloped. Anything with lime is always a reach, like orange margaritas or fresh watermelon mojitos. But sometimes you only require something that’s got some zing to it. That’s where Moscow Mules come in!

A Classic Moscow Mule in a copper mug.

What is in a Moscow Mule?

There’s really a few cases ingredients in a Moscow Mule, and nothing of them are hard to find!

Vodka. I recommend expending tone vodka. After all, if you are going to all the trouble of planning perfect cocktails, why not go for the gold? Lime Juice is pretty self-explanatory, but you’ll emphatically want to squeeze your own lime juice for this cocktail. Choose between key limes for a tangy pierce, or Persian limes for a milder mule that won’t kick quite as hard! Ginger Beer is not to be confused with ginger ale, it’s mild mannered , non-alcoholic cousin. Ginger Beer can be fairly mild but sometimes it is capable of have some serious outlook. Try out different kinds to find your favorite, you’d be surprised how much they can vary! Mint leaves, reminiscent of the Classic Mojito, will cool things down a little and offer contrast to the zippy mixer.( And it concludes for great presentation too !)

Moscow Mule ingredients with lime and mint garnish.

How to Make a Moscow Mule

Making a moscow mule is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Following the recipe below you can impress your guests and make a fancy cocktail with little to no work.

Fill a copper mug with frost. Lend parts( recipe below) and give a stimulate. Not too much, you’ll want to ginger beer nice a fizzy! Ornament with lime wedge and fresh heap leaves.

Why is a Moscow Mule Made in a Copper Mug?

Moscow Mules are best have participated in copper mugs. There’s something about copper that conducts cold temperature drawing the drink seem super icy and remarkably freezing! Plus copper cups are so pretty, and they offset these concoctions look incredibly appealing! Likewise, it’s just how mules should be served!

Moscow Mules are fast becoming everybody’s favorite guzzle, and this recipe does not disappoint!

Overview of a classic Moscow Mule cocktail garnished with lime wedges and mint leaves.

Variations deepen the vodka for flavored vodka( cranberry or peach are great) add various fruit, oranges, mangoes, peaches to list a few swap out the heap for other herbs( strawberry& basil is a great combo) swap out vodka for rum, tequila, gin, whisky or the other favorite

Favorite Cocktails

Frozen Pina Colada– huge for a bunch Easy White Sangria– ready in 10 mins! Raspberry Mimosa– and mocktails! Spiked Eggnog Latte – perfect for winter Mango Margaritas– prostitute, sweet& easy to customize!

Moscow Mule Recipe

A simple cocktail perfect for the holidays.

2 oz vodka 1/2 oz lime juice( fresh) 4 oz ginger beer 2 stems mint

Fill a glass or moscow mule pot with sparkler. Add remaining ingredients. Cause a conjure and garnish with lime wedges and plenty.

Top photo - A Classic Moscow Mule in a copper mug. Bottom photo - a top view of this classic favorite. Top view of a classic Moscow Mule in a copper mug. Top photo - A Classic Moscow Mule in a copper mug. Bottom photo - a top view of this classic favorite.

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