Road Trip: Copenhagen Cocktails

Copenhagen Cocktails

Hygge vibes are strong at Lidkoeb, one of the newer cocktail bars in Copenhagen. | Photo courtesy of Lidkoeb.

With breweries like Carlsberg and Mikkeller serving as household names throughout the country, Denmark has always been a land of brew drinkers but in the past five to 10 years, drinking dress have changed and cocktail bars have brought mixed drinks into the conversation. This direction is especially conspicuous in the capital of Copenhagen, where cocktails reach the same level of quality as the city’s world-renowned food. From rails with a distinctly Scandi approach to others that tap into the city’s more international mindset, there’s a delicious cocktail around almost every corner. Now got a few of our favorite sits to grab a sip when in town.

Lidkoeb Sister bar to early cocktail explorer Ruby( 2007 ), Lidkoeb was initiated in 2012 with the goals and targets of focusing on beer and wine-colored, but after favourite is asking for cocktails, they decided to shift the agenda. Housed in a onetime pharmacy in the Versterbro neighborhood, the stunning three-story bar has a personality that’s a little brighter and more industrious than Ruby, which can come across as more formal. But despite its more childish force, hygge vibes abound, with a hollering fireplace and soft glowing lights helping the coldest nights feel heated and cozy. Concoctions like the Tyve Tyve evoke fall flavors with gin, cacao nib-infused Lillet Blanc, carrot-parsnip syrup and lemon liquid, while others like the Fersken Rog skewed brighter with a bubbly harmonize of mezcal, peach liqueur, lime and Champagne. If you crave a true-life savour of Scandinavia, go off-menu and tell a” Nordic Negroni ,” a exalted mix of aquavit, Gran Classico and Cocchi Americano.

Duck and Cover One of the coziest saloons in Copenhagen, Duck and Cover offers protect from the outside via a subterranean cave unearthed down the street from Lidkoeb in the Vesterbro neighborhood. Low lighting casts a irritable rug over the midcentury furniture that accents the various chambers, compiling it definitely sounds like a 1960′ s-era living room. Meanwhile, the cocktail schedule tunes into neighbourhood spices with crystal clear precision. It’s not remarkable to find cups fixed with pitch-black currant leaves and gooseberries next to ones with spruce clicks and brownish-yellow aquavit. For a real taste of Danish goodness, try the rod grod med flode–inspired by a classic Danish dessert stirred with red berries and heavy cream, the drink incorporates aquavit, raspberries, lemon, egg white, and a pillowy swim of flogged cream.

The Gensyn Dry Martini has s savory memorandum thanks to its split basi of Pink Pepper Gin and City of London gin, boosted by Noilly Prat vermouth and bitterness. | Photo by Emma Janzen.

Gensyn Bar Situated in Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg neighborhood, Gensyn Bar’s laid-back sentiment constitutes it a popular spot for local bartenders( perhaps no stun as the building was previously home to a regional saloon ), who play-act pool in the back office and experience a solid selection of draught brews and whiskies. But it’s the concoction menu that’s worth noting. Well-made classics like the Caiprinha and Manhattan keep things reliably congenial, while riffs on classics, like the Daiquiri Natural( Plantation 3 Star Rum, Forsyth 57% Rum, Wray& Nephew, Paranubes, Clairin Sajous, lime and carbohydrate) come more intrepid. But you’ll likely want to order at least one Walnut Brown. Called the Best Cocktail in Denmark in 2018 by Bartender’s Choice Awards, it mixes rye bread-infused bourbon, Drambuie, chocolate liqueur, and bitters.

K-Bar One of the pioneering cocktail bars of Copenhagen, K-Bar opened in 2002 with Kirsten Holms at the helm, and it hasn’t bounced a strike since. K-Bar frequently extorts gatherings from the nearby museum and browsing regions. The infinite is minimally embellished, permit the hospitality pack the void with a warm but easy-going assist. The no-holds-barred cocktail menu is eclectic, may be determined by ingredients from around the world interrupting modern creations like the Mekhong-Ki-Tong met with whiskey, chili, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, kaffir lime, and soda. Start with a bubbly aperitif like the Petite Louise with Aperol, elderflower liqueur( a Scandi favorite ), vermouth, Champagne and rosemary, then wrap with the bittersweet Sunken Garden, acquired with Cynar, aquavit, blackcurrant rum, Lillet rose, and inlet leaf.

The Barking Dog It might seem a little curious to find an agave spirits prohibit in the heart of Copenhagen, but even though The Barking Dog sits over 5,000 miles from the heart of mezcal product in Oaxaca, the bar staff has amassed a stellar selection of bottles that’ll impress even the most discerning mezcal and tequila supporters. For cocktail alcoholics, this laid-back Norrebro neighborhood bar offers more than time swarms of mezcal, extremely. A modern directory of concoctions captivates the spirit of agave flavors in glass like El Chapulin–a vibrant margarita riff with mezcal from San Luis Potosi, paired with Ancho Verde liqueur, lime and syrup, garnished with sal de chapulin, or grasshopper salt–while other original abilities and riffs on classics tap into the spirit of invention. Fan of rhum agricole might find a pair in the hair-brained Xocolatl, which produces Mexican rum Paranubes together with creme de cacao and Nordic tonic water, while bitterness love might find a better pair in the Blackbird, a darknes spin on the Paper Plane. You won’t find ingredients listed on the menu, so if you can’t parse the drink descriptions, which read like humorous perplexes, the friendly bartenders will steer you towards a good fit.

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