What FWP Are You Trying to Solve?

Where FWP implies First World Problem.

If you aren’t solving a FWP you might be consume your time.

Sure, there are inventors and inventors out there performing things you never knew you needed.

Think iPod( and before that the Sony Walkman ).

But, for most people that are willing to spend their hard earned money they require the resolution of First World Problems.

Meaning questions that are affecting them directly. There is a negative connotation of what a First World Problem is too. However, I’m taking the tack that a FWP is anything that someone is willing to pay to obtain( or market, depending upon transaction influences ).

They don’t need to be huge concerns. But, if they are … that’s OK.

Some will be grandiose 😛 TAGEND

Providing a reliable solar electric panel in accordance with the arrangements of a roof shingle( Elon Musk) Distributing mosquito webs in areas that are rife with malaria( Bill Gates) Balloon-Powered Internet For Everyone( Google’s Project Loon)

Some will be strictly utilitarian … and in being utilitarian they solve an immediate FWP. Even if you think that specific FWP being addressed is minor or non-existent there is a market for almost everything.

Who knew we needed a self-wringing mop?

Enter Joy Mangano … founder of the Miracle Mop.

In some feels you need to look no further than the infomercials 😛 TAGEND

Who doesn’t want to cook a whole chicken in half the time with no muss and no fuss? Doesn’t everyone want to hang 500 things in the seat they used to hang 10 in their closet? Why wouldn’t you want to get a whole body workout in 14 times?

These are sometimes ridiculous instances, but the fact is they work. And, they sell. And, these are by some definitions perfect examples of First World Problems.

Whether you will be the next dimension flipper or infomercial maven are consistent with you, but the key is … Look for First World Problems to solve.

Then go out an to resolve conflicts. When you do you will stand out in your busines. You might even find that you have a few jobs in you.

And, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson … the world will beat a road to your door.

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