Mastering Sherry Cocktails with Tío Pepe’s Masterclasses

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Discover the infinite possibilities of mixing with sherry wine-coloreds from the experts at Tio Pepe.

With the help of talented and expert guidance, bartenders can learn to understand sherry better, demonstrate their lore, develop venencia wine-pouring sciences, and become originals of the creation of beautifully crafted sherry-based cocktails.

The Tio Pepe Challenge, featured image

The Tio Pepe Challenge

Masterclasses are free of charge. Complete items, dates, locatings, and epoches of the world-class are available below. Those interested in taking part in the training sessions must request to attend by satisfying out the use provided in the link below. Chilled Magazine will send a confirmation. TioPepeChallenge /# Masterclass

Registering for the Masterclasses is not mandatory to enter the Tio Pepe Cocktail Challenge. Between January 3rd and March 13 th, 2020, any candidate can register for the contest here and defer his/ her signature cocktail recipe.

Masterclass Dates and Points

February 3rd: Denver Run for the Roses 1801 Blake Street, Suite 10, Denver, CO, 80202

February 4th: San Diego Nolita Hall, 2305 India Street, Little Italy, San Diego

February 5th: Houston Backstreet Cafe, 1103 S Shepherd Drive

February 10 th: Chicago SGWS, 250 N Artesian Ave, Chicago, IL, 60612

February 12 th: Asheville Zambra, 85 W Walnut Street, North Carolina, 28801

February 17 th: Philadelphia Royal Sushi& Izakaya, 780 S 2nd Street

February 18 th: Orlando Hilton Orlando, David’s Club Bar& Grill, 6001 Destination Parkway, Orlando, FL, 32819

February 19 th: Boston Backbar, 7 Sanborn Ct, Somerville

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