6 Financial Service Organizations Crushing It With Video

Financial service industries are up against a generational cliff . As a whole, financial service organizations and younger generations struggle to relate to each other. This is especially problematic because the whole industry is based on trust and relationships.

Video has emerged as a key solution to help with this. Why? We are naturally attracted to video content rather than large blocks of textbook. Video grants financial services to build more transparent relationships and explain complex financial products simply.

Even though video has proven to be a great way to connect financial services with today’s changing buyers, more than 90% of financial service organizations still have no video content.

To inspire you, and show that video does have a place within the financial service sector, we’ve rounded up 6 top constitutions squandering video. Not simply are they exploiting video content, but they also use it in variou different ways to engage and embracing their new buyers.

Homepage Videos Organization: LeaderOne Financial

LeaderOne Financial is dedicated to facilitating the dream of homeownership by providing World Class Service. When potential new clients smack their homepage they are greeted with a asset of insight at their fingertips( including a video segment ).

Not exclusively are the videos informative and readily digestible ways to answer possible customers key questions, LeaderOne immediately employs their public on their homepage — the area where most purchasers will look for information about the brand and its concoctions .

Live Streaming Organization: Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank is doing something different with video by live stream technical analysis of the day. Saxo’s Morning Call is the key point of daily contact between their professionals and the broader public.

They present real-time access to their principal economist and policy crew as part of a greater effort towards increased transparency, flexibility, and leadership in the field of online investing.

Their audience can join them live daily( for a quick 10 -2 0 min daily broadcast) or catch the on-demand version last-minute. It’s a great way to create a sense of hurry which additions engagement with their viewers.

Video Library Organization: Bank of America

Bank of America could easily fall into multiple categories in this post. They initiate some exemplary video evidences and interrogations for their audience. In their brand-new video serials, Bank of America requested real people in real occupations how they’re handling financial responsibility as a young American so onlookers can find out how their peers are steering the world of work in their own words.

How they unionize their video material is what makes them stand out. Their video library plucks together all of the videos in this series in one central location. This allows witness to easily navigate between videos and grows the time they spend on the Bank of America site.

Webinars Organization: HSBC Canada

HSBC Canada has started use Webinars to help educate their audience on how to take control of their cash flow. They boast top professionals who share insights and tools, to help professions better manage foreign exchange exposure and transactions.

Webinars are a great way to break to rush start your video content because you can use them in multiple behaviors. Not simply are you able host the live happen but once it’s done you can promote the on-demand recording, cut it up and add segments to a blog berth, or turn the content featured into a great infographic.

Customer Testimonials Organization: Sunlife Financial

Sunlife Financial know that customer evidences are extremely important for any organization. They help build trust and let possible buyers hear how people just like them use your commodity or service.

In the first of a series of videos, Sunlife requested real clients to talk about how good business suggestion is making their lives brighter.

A customer testimonial video settles a face to the name. It allows you to connect a real human to the story and convey the ardour through body language, and exchange. This helps you deliver a richer suffer and keep your audience hired.

Extraordinary Brand Storytelling Organization: WealthSimple

Wealthsimple was speedy to jump on the video bandwagon. They knew that they could better inform, connect with, and foreground what they do through video.

Their videos garner over 1 million views on average and are just beings discussing fund( and investing ). Their brand messaging “Investing for Humans” is amplified by applying video to draw real faces to the story.

They are a great example of an organization using video across their business from customer evidences:

To product explainers:

As buyer anticipations advance, so do many companies and video is a great way to shape transition periods easier. We hope these 6 organizations inspire you to find ways to use video to educate, commit, and satisfied your public.

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