How to protect yourself from a toxic mother during quarantine

Hi, I’m desperate and feeling either so emphasized, like I’m going to puke and cry( which I just do) or so exasperated I’m actually scared I’m going to kill her.

My mother is the opposite of me, cultivating half-time have 0 hobby other than complaining on the phone all day, inhale and watch Tv. Which, I live in an old-fashioned appartement with aged entrances, I have two in my apartment, one that I use and one that is always closed and have furniture in front of but the Tv and couch are right behind it and I can examine EVERYTHING which is already stressing me out on a normal era because she’s always complaining and it is bringing me down.

I am working full time( doing an apprenticeship so I don’t have enough money to leave this shit house hitherto ), am very active( I do CrossFit 5 to 6 times per week ), and although I am an introvert and need to be spending time alone in SILENCE and CALM, I have to be always doing something out of home so I don’t realise my mother because I can always hear this stupid TV or her complain behind my opening. I tried querying her to make her phone calls away, it doesn’t work.

I am already going insane in the house because of her on normal times but now with the COVID-1 9 situation I’m actually scared for me. I live in Switzerland and while we do not HAVE to stay inside at all cost, my mother which while she is always on her phone and watching TV, is a fucking boomer and cannot reach the difference between our place and other countries ‘. She is constantly watching French news and doesn’t know the actual Swiss directive.

I live in a small small village in the middle of fields and since my CrossFit closed since two weeks and I cannot handle my mother anymore, I started taking a dumbbell, a sandbag or a climb rope to the fields and exactly do 40 to 60 instants wods outside. If I view somebody, it’s farmers and they are so far away I couldn’t even talk to them while screaming. My mother doesn’t are all aware that in Switzerland it is not prohibited to go outside as long as you are not more than 5 parties and stopping your interval. I am litterally starting ALONE in subject and she is freaking out and sreaming to me that the autorities will penalty me and she isn0t making any sense.

I cannot stay inside with her any longer, I need to protect myself from her, and each time I go outside she gets even worst. I’m so down and helpless, I want to kill her, help.

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